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Book Review: Canine-Assisted Interventions

Authors: John-Tyler Binfet & Elizabeth Kjellstrand Hartwig

Get your copy at this link:

I'm proud to be a co-author of this book! John-Tyler and I wrote this book when we recognized that there was a need for more information on credentialing therapy dog teams. In this book, we define and provide an overview of canine-assisted interventions (CAI). We also discuss how to have an effective therapy animal team and how to keep clients and animals safe during CAIs.

As animal-assisted counseling practitioners ourselves, we focus a large part of the book on therapy dog team training and evaluation. We provide guidelines for preparing your animal for clinical work and details in working in specialized contexts and with varied populations. The book also provides helpful information on when to retire a therapy dog from volunteer or clinical work.

What I Most Like About This Book: The chapter on Canine-Assisted Counseling! I truly enjoyed writing this chapter and sharing about my experiences in training therapy animals teams through the Animal-Assisted Counseling Academy.

This book can be ordered here: Canine-Assisted Interventions

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