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Book Review: Don't Shoot the Dog

Author: Karen Pryor

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This book is an excellent tool for animal-assisted counseling because it focuses on the concepts of positive reinforcement training. Dr. Pryor is a leading advocate for the "clicker training" method of animal training, in which animals get reinforcement through the use of a clicker and treats. Her focus on using positive methods, rather than punishment, shaming, or dominance methods, is a perfect and necessary fit for partnering with an animal in counseling.

The newer version of this book focuses on applying these behavioral training principles to animals, and also in a variety of other contexts, such as parenting, coaching, and learning.

What I Most Like About This Book: To be an excellent animal-assisted counseling practitioner is to understand concepts of positive training methods for animals. Clients watch how their counselors treat an animal. Having a collaborative and positive relationship with your animal partner is achieved through force-free training methods, in which animals have the ability to make choices and practitioners reinforce those good choices.

You can order this book at: Don't Shoot the Dog: The Art of Teaching and Training

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