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Book Review: Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy

Editor: Aubrey Fine

Get your copy at this link:

This book has 32 chapters of in-depth information on foundations and guidelines for animal-assisted interventions (AAI). Editor, Dr. Aubrey Fine, sought out various experts in the AAI field to explore important topics. The book is divided into four sections: Conceptualization of the Human-Animal Bond, Animal-Assisted Interventions and Therapy (AAT), Best Practices in AAT, and Special Topics in AAIs. This book provides a wealth of information for beginners in the field and more seasoned practitioners who would like to delve into more specific topics of AAI work.

What I Most Like About This Book: The emphasis on evidenced-based practices in AAIs. Each chapter cites relevant research in the field to demonstrate that working with animals is not only transformative, but also well-researched.

This book can be ordered here: Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy

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