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Book Review: The Other End of the Leash

Author: Patricia McConnell

The Other End of the Leash

Get your copy here:

This book is an excellent tool for learning more about your relationship with your dog. Author Patricia McConnell shares insights on how to understand dogs as a separate species from humans and how to connect with your dog through canine communication.

This book is beneficial for dog owners, dog trainers, and practitioners wanting to partner with their dogs in animal-assisted counseling. This easy-to-read book teaches you how to understand how dogs perceive you and how you can understand them with more compassion and empathy.

What I Most Like About This Book: The chapter on "Talking to Each Other." When you learn how to understand canine communication, your life as you know it with dogs will change. Dogs are communicating with us all the time. If we watch and listen to them, and learn to speak their language, we can create amazing connections with these wonderful and loving creatures.

This book can be ordered here: The Other End of the Leash

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